A Project for Fun

If you read my Script Draft series, you’d know I had a little script project happening. The truth is, I just used the example lines in a little project. (Like, five minutes ago) Along with my novel (on hiatus ;n;) I’m writing some fan fiction based on the game A3!: Act! Addict! Actors! One characterContinue reading “A Project for Fun”

How to Write Millennial Characters: My Least Favourite Trope

Have you ever watched a show where they portray a millennial or younger as the same stereotype: Doesn’t know what a vinyl record is Doesn’t know what a VHS tape is Only cares about themselves and people their age Trendsetters, using strange terminology older people don’t understand Dumb-coded, unless it’s the latest technology I hateContinue reading “How to Write Millennial Characters: My Least Favourite Trope”

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